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    What makes for a credible report of a UFO sighting or other related event? It’s a question which puzzles ufologists and sceptics alike.

    If a police officer sees something unidentified in the air, is their testimony more (or less) credible than that of a retired army sergeant? Is a report from a twelve year old girl on her way home from school less credible than one from a twenty-year old male motorbike fanatic? If a family of three testify to seeing a UFO is that more or less credible than a similar statement from three construction workers who see an object from the top of a newly built house?

    Credibility is one of those things which the sceptics have been throwing bricks at for decades. They say, effectively, that no-one’s testimony is more credible than anyone else’s because everyone can make mistakes.

    What do you think?


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